We buy houses “as-is”

Can I sell my house if it is in foreclosure?

Every situation is different but we can be of assistance in foreclosure situations. Our strategy is simple – we pay the foreclosing entity, usually the mortgage holder, in full.When the outstanding loan is paid the foreclosure usually ends at that point. Of course, it is easier to sell a house before the foreclosure process begins and hopefully you have contacted us before that point. You can find more information on this topic on our “Stop Foreclosure” page.

Do you buy houses with a tenant?

Yes. We will honor the terms of the lease agreement and discuss the future with the tenant.

Do you buy other types of real estate or just houses?

We buy all types of real estate including condos, townhomes, lots, raw land, multi-family properties, and commercial properties.

Am I obligated to sell once you have made a cash offer?

No. This is a business transaction so you may accept, decline, or negotiate a different price.

How do you handle back taxes?

This is certainly part of the process. These back taxes will have to be paid to transfer the title so we will adjust our offer to pay any back taxes.

How do you handle a mortgage that is not current?

Again, this is part of the process. The past due mortgage payments will have to be paid to transfer the title so we will adjust our offer to pay off your mortgage in full.

Will you buy a house that has foundation or termite damage?

Yes. We buy houses “as-is” – with all types of issues and we will make the repairs.